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We want to know about your experience with cyberbullying. Please answer as many of the questions below as you can, and if you have a story you want to share please share it below.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a formal report, the information is being collected for research purposes only. If you need to report a bully please visit our help page for further information.

Cyberbullying Survey

Section 1: Tell us about you!

Cultural Identity
Where do you live? (Suburb/Postcode)
Have you ever experienced cyberbullying?
Have you ever experienced face to face bullying?
Have you ever seen or heard of a friend/family member being cyberbullied?
Have you ever been a cyberbully?

Section 2: If you have experienced cyberbullying we have a few more questions for you!

Who was the bully?
What method/s did the bully or bullies use?(select all that apply) Text messages
Prank calls
Other social media sites
Online polls
Through an online game
In a chat room
Other: (please specify)
How did it make you feel?(select all that apply) Angry
Other:(please specify)
How long did it last?
Did you do anything to try and make them stop?(select all that apply) No, I didn't do anything
I asked them to stop doing it
I told my parents
I told a teacher at my school about it
I blocked them through the website
I reported them to the website/game
Other: (please specify)2
What was the result of the actions you took to make the bullying stop?

Section 3: Tell us your cyberbullying story!

It happened to me
It happened to someone I know
I was the bully
Your Story