What can I do about Cyberbullying?

If someone is bullying you through the use of technology or devices, there are a number things you can do about it.

1. Ignore them

Most bullies do what they do to get a reaction out of their victims, so don’t respond.

2. Ask them to stop what they are doing

They might be sending nasty text messages, or making mean comments on your social media posts. If you feel embarrassed, intimidated or upset by their actions, you have every right to ask them to stop doing it.

3. Tell someone about it

If the bullying continues tell a parent, teacher, school counsellor or another trusted adult about it. They can help you to take the necessary steps to stop the bullying from continuing, including helping you to save evidence of the cyberbullying, and looking into any legal action that may be necessary.

4. Report it

Visit our help page to find links to report bullying on common social media and gaming sites.

If you know that a friend is being cyberbullied, help them through the steps listed above, and never contribute to cyberbullying.